Adam Rauckhorst receives a new Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award from the American Diabetes Association.

Adam Rauckhorst, Ph.D., a postdoctoral research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Taylor in the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center was recently awarded a postdoctoral research fellowship from the American Diabetes Association. The project entitled: Regulation of hepatic glucose metabolism by a candidate mitochondrial glutamine carrier, will be supported for the next three years by the $179,722 award. Postdoctoral fellowships provide essential salary support for trainees, relieving the laboratory’s resources to support the cost of experiments. Dr. Rauckhorst’s project examines the regulation of glucose production by the liver, which is increased in diabetes and contributes to hyperglycemia. Specifically, Dr. Rauckhorst and Taylor discovered a mitochondrial protein, which may specifically transport the metabolic intermediate glutamine. Liver cells in which levels of this protein is reduced, may have lower rates of liver glucose production. As such these studies may identify a new pathway by which excessive liver production of glucose could be modified by therapeutic agents or drugs that reduce the activity of this putative glutamine transporter. Kudos to Dr. Taylor for his mentorship and congratulations to Adam for this outstanding achievement.

Rauckhorst, Adam_0

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