Congratulations to FOEDRC Research Day Scientific Poster Session Awardees!

FOEDRC Research Day winners 2018Congratulations to all the awardees from the FOEDRC Research Day Scientific Poster Session!  From the fifty-five outstanding abstracts entered, we are pleased to announce the results include two highest scoring post-doc poster submissions and the four highest scoring student poster submissions.

Post-doc poster awards of $200 each

Guorui Deng – AT1A couples to G-alpha-i in AgRP neurons to control resting metabolic  Abel and Grate

John Reho – mTORC1 signaling regulates vascular endothelial function via reactive oxygen species and NFκB signaling Abel and J

Student poster awards of $200 each

Sharon Idiga – Novel Endocrine Circuit Regulating Sugar Satiety Abel and S

Rachel Minerath – CDK8 activity-dependent regulation of heart disease Abel and R

Angela Olvera – Fat-Derived FGF21 is Dispensable for the Resistance to Diet-Induced Obesity Observed in Mice Lacking OPA1 in Adipose Tissue

Angela and Abel

Alix Arthur Jean Rouault – Regions of MRAP2 required for the inhibition of orexin and prokineticin receptor signaling Andy and A

Our warmest thank you to all students, staff and judges for their participation in the Diabetes Research Day Scientific Poster Session and Speaker Symposium.  Without you, the event would not have been a success.  We will be sending a date for next year’s event in the coming weeks and look forward to your participation in this annual celebration of the outstanding research that is being conducted by FOEDRC Investigators. We will appreciate receiving feedback from you regarding ways to improve the symposium. The organizers are already thinking about new ideas.

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