FOEDRC Research Day 2019 Awardees

Congratulations to the highest scoring poster awardees from the FOEDRC Research Day 2019! Two postdocs, two graduate students and one undergraduate student were among those who were presented with awards.

Group photo

Postdoc awardees:

Kyle Flippo (Matt Potthoff Lab) – Metabolic effects of low protein diet are mediated through an FGF21-CNS signaling axis

Kyle Flippo

Adam Rauckhorst (Eric Taylor Lab) – Hypoxia-induced rapid metabolomic alterations parallel delayed postmortem tissue sampling

Adam Rauckhorst - Copy

Graduate student awardees: 

Alix Rouault (Julien Sebag Lab): MRAP2 Mediates Signaling Bias and Constitutive Activity Inhibition of the Ghrelin Receptor

Aliz Rouhault

Jessica Ponce (Chad Grueter Lab): Investigating the roles of cyclin C in heart disease

Jessica Ponce

Undergraduate student awardee: 

Jessie Cochran (Dale Abel Lab): Sex Differences in the Response of C57BL/6 Mice to Ketogenic Diets

Jessie Cochran

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