Publication by DRC member Kamal Rahmouni featured on the cover of the Journal Diabetes

Diabetes CoverKamal Rahmouni’s publication was recently selected to be on the cover of the Journal Diabetes. The image on the cover, courtesy of Rahmouni shows cilia in neurons of a mouse brain. His publication, “The BBSome in POMC and AgRP Neurons Is Necessary for Body Weight Regulation and Sorting of Metabolic Receptors” shows that targeted disruption of the BBSome by deleting the Bbs1 gene in POMC neurons leads to obesity. The second finding is that they provided evidence that mice lacking the BBSome in AgRP neurons also display an increase in body weight and fat mass. Thirdly, they identified an important role for the BBSome in mediating the trafficking of the 5-HT2CR in POMC neurons. These findings provide insights into the contribution of the hypothalamic BBSome for the control of energy balance and handling of metabolic receptors.

Click here to read the whole publication.

Help us congratulate DRC member Kamal Rahmouni!

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