DRC member Christopher Adams has studied muscular atrophy for the last decade

Christopher Adams, Diabetes Research Center member has been studying muscular atrophy at the molecular level for the past ten years.

Muscular atrophy refers to the loss of muscle tissue that can eventually occur after long periods of inactivity. As people grow older, they may begin to feel the effect of this condition. The condition also tends to occur in those who have experienced an injury where the muscles may not be mobilized or able strengthen, such as a broken bone.

Adams’s lab is studying the complexion of human muscles through biopsies when a person shows signs of muscular atrophy and comparing these biopsies to those who do not show signs of the condition. In an interview with the Daily Iowan, Adams explains that muscular atrophy is not understood at a molecular level therefor physicians do not have many effective ways to treat patients.

He says that although there is not yet treatment for muscular atrophy, they have found molecules that are potential candidates for the cause of this condition.

Click here to read the whole article.

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