DRC’s new T32 trainee, Kelly Hubert, PhD

Kelly Hubert, PhD has been recently appointed to receive post-doctoral support from the Diabetes Research Training Program (T32) funded by the National Institutes of Health.  Her proposal “A hepatic mitochondrial pyruvate-citrate carbon flux and reductive drive axis mediating T2D pathophysiology” was approved for a one-year period starting June 14th, 2021.

Hubert received her undergraduate degree at Emory University and joined the MD/PhD program at Iowa in 2013. She completed her PhD in the Free Radical and Radiation Biology program under the mentorship of Dr. Douglas Spitz. After completion of this dual-degree program, Hubert chose to pursue a post-doctoral research position in Dr. Eric Taylor’s lab. During graduate school, she received extensive training in free radical biology.

By choosing to work in the Taylor lab, her goal is to extend her knowledge of metabolism through training in metabolomics and energetics and to use her expertise in free radical biology to have a broader view of metabolic dysfunction in the process of disease.

“I specifically chose to pursue research studying diabetes after spending time in medical school with both pediatric and adult patients with diabetes and witnessing their experiences managing this disease and its numerous complications. These patient interactions gave me the desire to understand the mechanisms of disease in diabetes in order to advance the management and therapy of diabetes in patients,” Hubert said.

Her goal is to pursue these interests in her post-doctoral training and future career as a principal investigator focusing on the metabolic dysfunction involved in diabetes.

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